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The Elias Fund

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The Elias Fund was founded in order to help the people of Zimbabwe- particularly those in section 17, which has suffered crisis upon crisis in the past 10 years. The first focus of the Elias fund is to help Elias’ two sons -Honest and Manuel- to go to collage, where they can truly change the course of their lives and the lives of others in section 17.

After completing this short-term goal, the Elias Fund hopes to see the worst AIDS infected area of Africa (it is about 50% more infected than any other part of Africa) through its current famine and into a new age.

By 2005 it is estimated that one million children in Zimbabwe will be left orphaned, homeless, and starving because their families have all died.

Please help us start this movement to relieve the people of Zimbabwe:

“Our sole desire in the Elias Fund is to do all we can to prevent ourselves from being the generation that stood by while an entire continent silently passed away.”

The opening of the movie "The Last Dispatch" on July 29, 2005 in the Somerville Theartre (Boston, MA) was the first major event in Elias Fund History. A portion of the profits from tickets sold went directly to the Elias Fund. This was the anniversary weekend of 7/31 (if you do not know about 7/31 check out the "background" page) and on this day EF'n reps and Dispatchers from around the world met once again for a common cause- this time, for the Elias Fund.


Ndakasimba Kana Makasimbwo
"I am strong if you are strong"