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The Elias Fund

We need some EF'n help!

EF'n Fundraisers
EF'n Repp'n Opportunities
EF'n Background
We need some EF'n help!
So- what can you do?
  1. Become a rep. If you are dedicated to our cause and want to become the drive behind a historic movement, or just want to do something good for someone other than yourself, send an email to to sign up. (note: this is shane's email! do not write it expecting to have ME respond to you!) Becoming a rep entails: recieveing random inspiring updates from insane-shane herself, getting a "rep-kit" sometime in the near future including posters,flyers,and stickers for the cause, and getting your butt moving on some kind of money-making idea!
  2. DONATE! If your not up to the responsibility of becoming a rep- send money to a local rep to send to the charity. As of now I'm pretty sure the donation address isn't public, so this is the safest way to go. ANY donation is appriciated, it all helps!
  3. Help a rep with a fundraiser any way you know how. Do you have a band? Offer to play for a night with all (or some) of the proceeds for the Elias Fund. Bake Sales, Car-Washes, design something and sell it. Anything you can do to contribute is greatly appreciated


Ndakasimba Kana Makasimbwo
"I am strong if you are strong"